Christmas Card + News!

Well hello there! It's been a while. Welcome back! 

This Christmas season has gone by so fast I can't even believe Christmas is in 14 days. We don't even have our tree up yet! (me pulling my hair out...) However we have been listening to Christmas music since the middle of November. And when I say "We" I mean me. MacKay refused to listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving is over. I on the other hand, think Christmas music is too amazing to only have 1 month to listen to it. So sue me. I love Christmas! (even if you wouldn't know it walking into my house. It's shameful, really.)

Anywho! This year we got our Christmas cards done early. We have some really exciting news, Check it out!:

(I ordered my Christmas card on Etsy. Go HERE for the Shop I ordered them at!)
The designer just so happens to be one of my friends as well, she is seriously amazing at designing! I gave her my thoughts and she made this! So much better than I had pictured in my head. I am thrilled with the design. I have also had so many compliments on the card, and people asking for the designer, so I am just jumping the gun and giving it to you now. You're welcome.

Alright, I guess the secret is out! 
Yup, we have chickens! 

hehe. Ok. Yes we are becoming a little family of 4! (holy smokes)

I get so excited/nervous/terrified out of my wits! 

But don't forget. We are SO excited. Eek!!

Now that we have sent out our Christmas cards, and everyone should have them by now, we thought we should announce it to the internet. We are Pregnant!!! 

Here is a little bit of info on this pregnancy:

I am currently almost 16 weeks(on Saturday) and have heard the little heartbeat twice! The first time we were all in the Dr's office (Me, MacKay and Brent) When Brent heard the strange and wonderful sound of the heartbeat he said really excitedly: "Choo-Choo?!" Brent is obsessed with Trains. So there ya have it. We are having a TRAIN! (;

We will find out the gender in 4 weeks, and we couldn't be more excited. With Brent, we waited until he was born to find out what gender he was. But this one we both agreed we wanted to know. MacKay thinks it is a girl. I think it is a boy. We shall see.

Brent pats my growing belly a lot saying "Baby!" and gives him kisses. (yes, I said HIM, I am 80 % sure it is a boy.) hehe

I am just getting past the sick stage, however I still have the terrible gagging reflex and will occasionally throw up because I am brushing my teeth. It's as terrible as it sounds.

I am showing a lot more than I was with Brent, but have only gained 1 pound. How does that work?!

We get to go on a cruise in January, and I BARELY made the cut off! WHEW! MacKay's work is sending us on a Western Caribbean Cruise. It has been in the planning for 2 years, so when we found out I was pregnant, that was one of the first things I checked. "Can I still go on the cruise?!" I will be 21 weeks, and the cut off is 24. So we are so excited about that! Although, it's funny. I was working my butt off to get in shape for this cruise,  and I will be a shape for sure! Just not what I thought I would be! haha! We had to buy some more swim suits to accommodate for the growing belly, but it was fun, I got to shop more! hehe.

Yes, this was a bit of a surprise, but we are welcoming it with open arms, and cannot wait to find out what we are having.

Thanks for all your support and kind words already! (:

Oh, and here is my first pregnancy photo! Yes, I'm huge, you don't have to tell me. (;

15 weeks:

XOXO- Shanna (AKA soon to mama of 2, holy cow!)


My Brazilian Brother- Thiago

This is long over due! But with my new business, life has been CRAZAY to say the least. Let's see if we can get this completed! A few weeks ago we had an amazing opportunity!! I received a lot of questions about who this kid was, who had taken over my FB and Instagram. So, I decided to write a post about it! And I am so excited to share this will all of you! First off, let me introduce you to Thiago (pronounced Chi-a-go) He is from Viamo Brazil, and is 19.

Cute kid, right?! He is an incredible person! Here is the story of how we met him:

My kid brother went on an LDS Mission, and was called to serve in Brazil. He served in the very southern part. Porto Alegre South. In his last area of the 2 years, he served in a city called Viamo. There he met one of his [now] best friends; Thiago. Thiago was baptized when we was 12 and is one of the few still active in his family. He did splits with the Elders and they spent quite a lot of time together. They share so many interests, and he is EXCELLENT in English. They both love music and guitar playing. Long story short, after Andrew got home in late December they kept in contact through Skype and Facebook! Thiago sent in his mission papers to become a Missionary! He miraculously got called to the Salt Lake City East Mission. Really close to where my brother lives in Provo, and the mission borders go about 20 miles outside of our hometown in Wyoming!! Crazy. My brother said that was the most inspired call he has heard of. What an incredible kid!! So he received permission to come a week early, before he entered the MTC in Provo. He was able to tour around with us for a whole week! He was set apart to be a missionary, so he still had to follow mission rules. It was a really fun adventure! He calls my Mom his American Mum. My Mom and Dad were able to meet Thiago and stay with his family while they picked up my brother in Brazil. {They were able to tour around with him at the end of the mission!} When we received the word that he would, in fact, be coming a week early to tour around with us, we sprung to action! Sadly, my brother was not able to be there with us! He works on an Oil Rig and he worked through that week. They were both devastated! Luckily Thiago still knew my Mom. Here he is just coming off of the plane!! We were so excited! 

He knew he wasn't supposed to hug women, since he was set apart, but my Mom payed no head, since she is like a mother to him! But his awkward face kills me....

The first thing he said was: "I can't speak Portuguese anymore..." Welcome to America Elder! (;

This is just heading to the car. I am totally photo bombing this pic. I didn't even know. I know, I'm a pro.

After the airport, we headed to some real American food. Chick-Fil-A. He was shocked at how amazing it was. Then we headed over to Temple Square. He was in awe and couldn't believe his eyes. He had tears several times and kept saying how he NEVER thought he would be here. 

In the conference center he said "I have seen this on TV!" We got a tour and he loved it. Total Culture Shock!

Him at the Salt Lake Temple doors! I ran up and snapped a pic with him. What a goof! 

On top of the Conference center!

Ah, America!

I forgot to mention, since Andrew wasn't with us, and Thiago was set apart, he needed a priesthood holder to be with him! So we recruited this gem. Cody, one of my brothers good friends. He was hysterical, and we all kept saying how odd it was that we felt we have known Thiago for years instead of hours and days. This is Thiago and Cody eating at the BYU Creamery in Provo.

Thiago getting a chance to play Andrews guitar! He wouldn't put it down, he was too excited to be playing again.

We took him to Squaw Peak above Orem and Provo to show him the city and lake and mountains. He was in heaven as we sat up there at sunset and he played his guitar while we sang. So much fun!

After Andrew got off work, we were able to skype with him!

Then Cody, Thiago and Mom headed off for Wyoming! I stayed in Utah, but here are some of their adventures! He insisted at stopping at each State Sign.

Jackson Hole.

The Grand Tetons!

They stopped in to see Andrew at Work and got to spend the evening with him. What a sweet reunion!

His first STEAK meal  in the US.

His very first experience with SNOW! I wish I had the video. He threw the snowball and then freaked out because his hands were burning, they were so cold. A rare sensation for him.

Thiago{freezing to death} Andrew and my Dad! Somewhere close to Pinedale Wyoming

And back to Utah they came!! 

On Sunday I had the Missionaries over for a BBQ and Thiago was THRILLED to meet with them. They actually took him with them to their next appointment and he was scared to death. But I guess it turned out great! 

The next day we went back to Temple Square since we had hurried home a few days before, there we met up with another Elder that served in Andrew's mission and knew Thiago! He was so excited to talk Portuguese and we had no idea what they were saying.

Thiago knew us pretty well at this point and felt comfortable enough to pull faces like this: and push around my son. (and when I say push, I mean RUN) 

While waiting for Mom to get done in the AT&T store we took pics in the Mall!

Ate at Cafe Rio,

lots of guitar playing and harmonizing went on.

After all the fun we had, it was time to let him go! It was MTC time for this kid! 

Now before I get into the MTC festivities, let me just share with you all some little miracles we saw on our short week with Thiago. In the picture below you can see how ready he looks. This was the morning of taking him to the MTC. When he came to the U.S. he didn't have much. But man was he grateful for what he did have! Mom was prepared to help him, as was Andrew and I. But we weren't prepared for how much he needed. My mom had been posting about our Brazilian Missionary on a Facebook group called Missionary Mommas {they offer support to each other and share their fun and sad experiences} so Mom confided in these ladies about how much he didn't have and how amazing he was to be so grateful for all that he did have! Immediately she had messages and comments and phone calls asking if they can donate money for him. Some had already called the Missionary Mall and had a pair of shoes that were paid for, he just needed to go get his size. Some offered $200, and some offered a camera or white shirts. One even paid for his bike, helmet and lock. And MANY, MANY more of his things were paid for. All of these things were very expensive and these women were so willing to give to this young missionary. It had Thiago in tears. Many wanted to meet up with us as we were shopping and meet this boy who they wanted to give so freely. Many even said Thank you to US for the opportunity to serve. It was amazing. I have never witnessed to much kindness for a complete stranger and it was incredible. So, as you can see this kid was well stocked and ready to enter the MTC with a full heart and dedication! He even wrote us and told us he had the most ties in his district. When he came to Utah he only had about 5! (I'm afraid that is mostly due to MacKay's insane amount of ties that he graciously gave away a chunk of them!)

On the way, he met our Grandma Henderson!

Had his very first pancake at IHOP. (Chocolate chip on chocolate...with chocolate milk...) See below for the video of his first bite. Hilarious.

Some pictures in front of the Provo Temple!!

He was SO cute with Brent!

His last goodbye! Love the Elder Handshake. hehe

When we were pulling up he saw the American flag and jokingly said "If they don't have my flag I am not going!" Little did he know, they really had it!

His first steps into the MTC and he was in complete shock that he was really, REALLY there! So much fun to watch him enjoy everything.

These were some videos we make at my house. One is to his Family! One is to all of the people that helped with money and donations! What a sweet kid.

(If the Video's aren't working for you, head on over to my Facebook and I have just uploaded them there! :

Click HERE

His first bite of Pancakes! HAHA!

And a video of our JAM! Taylor Swift. Love it! After we dropped him off we listened to this for days!!

We had so much fun getting to know him! We still write weekly on emails and letters. Send packages and Mom and Andrew even got permission to take him to lunch! Can't wait to hear all of his adventures on his mission. We love him like a brother/son. I had always heard of people saying they knew so-and-so in heaven. I had never really felt that feeling about a stranger before. And I can say this with my whole heart. I KNOW we knew him! He was meant to meet Andrew and come here to the U.S on his mission. We were all friends in Heaven. What a comforting thought. Good luck Thiago! We love you!

XOXO- Shanna, Julie and Andrew and all that came in contact with you.